March 2013 Goals Update

I originally posted about my March goals here. I would say I did okay, considering I was sick, but I certainly need to do better next month.

Running: my goal for running was 40 miles (52 before April 6th). Unfortunately, I was sick for three and a half weeks and couldn’t run, which not only meant fewer miles, but losing the progress I had made before getting sick. I was only able to track a lousy 6.2 miles this month. But I’m back to running and I will definitely do better next month since it’s finally going to be
spring and I shouldn’t get sick again!

Furniture: working on this one still. I have gotten our spare room cleaned up quite a bit, got the desk we bought a long time ago built and set up the corner for Chris to work on so he doesn’t have to work out in the dining room. I still have quite a few things to get rid of, and those will be a part of my goals for April.

Garden: I got my seeds
planted almost a month ago and they’re growing great! I haven’t yet gotten the seeds that start outdoors in early spring in the ground, but hopefully I will get to those this week. It’s been really rainy lately and when it hasn’t been raining, we’ve been playing tennis, running, and taking the dogs to the dog park so I haven’t gotten to them yet.

Signing the dogs up for classes: my goal was to sign each of the puppies up for obedience classes but neither of them are signed up. Chris expected to have a big grant due at work in early April and was working a lot this month so we decided to put off the classes until we knew we could both commit to them. I think we’ll be starting April 8th but we still have to register.

Budget: unfortunately we didn’t do a good job of sticking to our budget this month. We went over our grocery budget, due to our St. Patrick’s Day dinner, so I don’t mind overspending on that a bit. The other place in the budget we went over on was eating out and we went way over our budget. This was partly due to birthday celebrations, partly due to poor planning, and mostly due to laziness. We went out to dinner a couple times when I should have cooked but just didn’t feel like that and one of my April goals is definitely going to be to cut back on that. A lot of the reason we overspent though, was because it was Exotic Meat Month at one of our favorite Durham restaurants and we couldn’t stay away. We got to try alligator (which both of us had had before) and antelope burgers! It was fun, but I’m glad March is over because that’s one fewer excuse we have for eating out! Besides our eating out and grocery budgets, we did really well
with the rest of our March budgets.

Pinterest Recipes: my goal was to try 4 new recipes and I definitely reached that, though not all were from Pinterest (but I’ll count them anyway). The ones I blogged about were Pork Chops with Apples and Onions, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Butterless Creamy Veggie Mac and Cheese, and Seasoned Smashed Potatoes. The other recipes I tried were for chocolate Guinness cupcakes and Bailey’s cream cheese frosting, which were served for dessert on St. Patrick’s Day but I didn’t get any pictures so I didn’t post about them :)

DIY Craft: I did not get to a craft this month. Next month I will have to do two!

I hope to post my April goals tomorrow!


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