Garden Update: Sprouts!

It’s been one week since I planted my seeds that needed to be planted indoors and I’m seeing a handful of sprouts! It’s so exciting – makes me feel like spring is really coming. The winters in NC are not all that awful (especially since I grew up in MI), but I think no matter how long or cold your winter is, spring is always welcome. My first sprout was one of my Brussels sprouts, which popped up on Thursday!

First sprout - Brussels sprout!

First sprout came on
Thursday – only four days later!

Brussels sprout

My first Brussels sprout a
few days later

Unfortunately for me, Brussels sprouts are my least favorite of what I’m growing. I’m not a big fan but Chris loves them so he insisted we grow a few. I think I’m going to have to try this recipe for roasted parmesan garlic Brussels sprouts once I harvest them.

Now, a week later, my tomatoes are beginning to sprout in the pot. I can’t wait to see how this thing turns out!

Tomato sprouts beginning to grow!

Tomato sprouts beginning to grow!

Besides the tomatoes, the only other sprouts I have are Brussels sprouts. Of course. I have four of them. I’m just glad something is growing and I haven’t killed them yet but I can’t wait for everything else to grow!

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts growing
nice and tall while nothing else is sprouting!

The other plants should get to sprouting this week and I will be checking on them like crazy! Next week, I will be starting the plants outdoors that can survive a frost (onions, lettuce, arugula).

Check out my friend Angie’s post about starting her garden here.

How is your garden coming? Are you ready for spring?


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